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Sign the PETITION and stop the killing of animals for their furr

Click on the image and go SIGN the petition …




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My personal motto

“We are all atheist about MOST of the Gods that humanity has ever believed in,  some of us just go ONE God further… “




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Hello Mr. Funny !!!

Toshiba’s ApriPoko: a Remote Controller Companion Robot


Toshiba’s new robot pal is basically a voice-operated infrared universal remote control, heavy on the cuteness. Programmed to be fairly smart, he’ll wait until you use a controller for your electronics, then ask you what you were doing: the next time you want to perform the same action, you just have to tell ApriPoko to do it for you. He’ll then wave his IR transmitter arm and *bing*, on goes your TV. He’s even equipped with a camera to identify users, presumably to learn their habits. For now he’s just an R&D demonstrator device, and is limited to simple commands. We hope we’re right in expecting the technology to make its way into consumer gadgets soon.

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Sniper spot for rent @ 2008 NATO SUMMIT


From THIS terrace you have a clear view of the People’s House where the NATO 2008 Summit will take place between 2nd and 4th of April. I’m renting out space for whatever needs you might have: TV crew, sniper, etc.


– each spot has 1m width

– multiple spots available

– 24/7 access to the terrace

soft drinks and snacks included

– access to a bathroom and storage facility (limited availability)

Price: 5000 EUR / spot / day

For preferred positioning a 25% surcharge will be applied (first come first served basis).

Only one person is allowed for every spot purchased. Additional persons are charged at 500 EUR / person / day for a maximum of 3 persons / spot.

Outside NATO summit period you get a 50% discount for all services.

Full prepayment is required one week in advance to book a spot. I can take Cash, VISA/Mastercard via PayPal or Bank transfer in Romania or offshore account.

Serious inquiries only.

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Up for adoption…

PLEASE HELP US in finding HOMES for these lovely animals…



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Metro ( must watch )


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Sweet tooth

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